Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve and Day::December 27

On Christmas Eve, this is how our Christmas tree looked:

All packed with presents and ready for Christmas :) The many red presents there in front are the pjs that we open on Christmas Eve.

The rest of these pics all happened on Christmas morning.

Jared, Amber, Karen, Aiden, and Bentley all slept over, though Jared slept in his van. Have I told you about the van? That is probably for another day, but it is Jared's rolling house :)

Anyway, we awoke bright and early at 6:00 so that the boys could open their gifts from Karen and Santa while Karen was still here, and so that she could open her gifts from us before she left for work at 7. Josh and Hayley came for the opening of the presents, and Amber stayed for as long as she could before leaving to go to work too. So all of my kids were here in shifts for Christmas. So glad that they worked it out to where they could share part of Christmas with me even though I'm sure it was a pain. We missed having Miah and Teryn here though; they were at their daddy's house for Christmas. Have I mentioned lately that I love these kids?!

Anyway, back to the Christmas pics:

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas too, that Santa brought you just what you wanted, and the Spirit of Christmas spoke peace to your souls.


  1. I enjoyed these very much. Love you all!

    1. Love you too! I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas!

    2. Love you too! Hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas!