Friday, October 25, 2013

This Moment::Amber's Unofficial Birthday Party::October 25

On Wednesday, Amber finally visited and spent some time (Crazy work schedules on her part - crazy life on mine! ;) ). I offered to make a birthday cake, since we haven't celebrated her birthday yet. She said that she'd be sad celebrating w/o Tino, so I made Rice Krispy Treats and put candles in it, as an unofficial birthday cake :)

She was funny. She had just dyed her hair that morning. I thought she looked great, but as soon as I said we'd celebrate unofficially with a Rice Krispy Treat, and started making them, she made a mad dash to the bathroom to redo her hair and make-up, saying that she looked like crap & knew I'd put her pic on fb and my blog - hahaha! :) Silly, silly girl! I don't think she could look like crap if she tried! She is always beautiful!

Happy Birthday, dear Amber! I know that I don't always tell you, but I think that you are amazing, I love you tons, and I'm super proud to be your mom. I hope that 21 is the best year yet! ♥

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  1. Happy Birthday Amber! She is a very beautiful girl Melodie!