Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sunday Drive::June 11

Josh and Amber came over yesterday. We had a nice lunch - though sometimes barbequing seems to take so.much.longer than just cooking it inside! Afterward, we took a Sunday drive.

First, Amber, Josh and I took a ride in the truck. Josh drove. He likes driving stick and wanted a turn driving it :) So we drove out in the country for a bit.

Then we came back and went for the REAL Sunday drive up the canyon :)

Everyone went but Emily. Josh wanted to stop and get out for a while, since last time we just did the loop, so we stopped at a shady spot and we all did our favorite things:

I took pictures of sun stars:

and pics of some of the people I love most in this world:

Josh, Jared, and Matt hiked around the hills:

Amber used Josh's iPod:

Michael climbed under the very back seat - I really don't know why he likes that so well, but he does - so I opened the very back door to get a pic. Behind the hot dog cookin' sticks and Michael's wheelchair that we use for long walking trips, Michael played under the seat. :)

Steve read - he takes his nook everywhere :) He was a super good sport to go with us at all, since he hadn't felt great all day.

This was where we parked. If you look closely, you'll see Steve just outside the doors of the van. Between his blue jeans, grey t-shirt, and camo hat, he pretty much blends into the scenery :)

Then we came home and Josh and Amber left within minutes, leaving us to do our normal evening stuff: I played with the pictures I had just taken, the kids watched tv in the living room and Steve watched tv and read his book. I do love Sundays with the family ♥


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time as a family. And it makes my heart happy to read about the truck getting used! *sniff-missing "Little Red"*

    1. We are loving "Little Red". Thank you! :)