Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bugs you don't want to see in your garden::June 25

I love seeing the "good" bugs in my garden: earthworms, ladybugs, honeybees - I can even tolerate wasps for the purpose of pollination - but these are on my "bad" bug list:

This guy and his family will feast on and lay eggs on my squash plants' leaves. He looks menacing - like he's going to bite me before I can fully squish him.

And this guy and his family live in my herb garden. They love the protecting density of all of the leaves and stems of sage, oregano, lavender, and parsley. I'm not happy at all with their choice of location of their home. This one was fed to the chickens after the picture was taken..... looking at his cute little spotted eyes and striped antennae makes me feel a little guilty about that. I'm sure I'll feel differently when his relations starts feasting on my garden plants and overrunning the garden.

I'm babysitting Baby Bentley today. Maybe I'll take a picture or two and show them to you tomorrow :)

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