Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Ramblings::March 12

So, we only have two more Person of Interest episodes before we are caught up with everyone else. I will miss watching several in a row every evening!

I have learned that I love watching it with the lights shut off best. That way, the darkish scenes are brighter. Have you ever noticed the cinematography on that show? It is beautiful! Perfect lighting every time!!

In other news: .... there is really not much new....

We are waiting for Baby Bentley to make his appearance. Karen is due on the 30th, but she doesn't go to the due date. My guess is sometime this week or next.

She said that she was thinking that the 13th would be cool, but Josh said the 17th and she agreed. A St. Patrick's Day baby would be fun.... especially if born a ginger :)

Really, though, anytime he is ready, we are all ready to snuggle him and kiss him. A new baby with baby smell to squeeze and kiss and love. Yes please!

Aiden was here yesterday. He grows so much from one visit to the next. He is really able to communicate thoughts now, which is amazing to me. Wasn't he the new baby we were smelling and squeezing and kissing only yesterday?

Amber and Tino are looking to buy a house. They have put two under contract so far. They fell in love with the first, but then it had such structural problems they backed out. Amber said that she loves the new one even better! The inspector will be out in a few days. Cross your fingers!

As for me, I feel that I have been sick more than well this winter. I think stress has torn my immune system down. I need to learn to worry less!

Steve has a bulging disc, much to his sadness. He has loved exercising, and in the past few months learned of an exercise plan that he has loved! But, calf pain and now lower back pain has indicated that his body is protesting. He has been told that he can exercise lightly (walk, don't jog) for now, until the pain and swelling goes down. Then he will be given a new exercise routine to build up weak spots that have created the problem in the first place. Then he can get back to the plan that he loves.

Daylight Savings Time sure does a whammy on me. I was ready for bed when I woke up this morning! I'll be glad for the jet-lag feeling to go away in a week or two!

Emily is back at school full time. I'm hoping that she is ready for it.

And That's All Folks! Have a wonderful day!

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