Sunday, March 3, 2013

8/52::March 3

Our family went to the zoo last week. We let Michael use the wheelchair because it is hard for him to walk a long way. Or sometimes he just doesn't "want" to walk any further.... if I could always figure out what he was interested in or what was bugging him, AND if he could always be reasoned with, AND if he would always listen and obey, I might not really, really, really desire to take the wheelchair or wagon everywhere we go. But, Michael being Michael DOES get bugged, and then he peacefully protests by sitting down and will.not.get.up. It can make an outing super exciting. I don't always want excitement. ;)

So, Daddy pushed him in the wheelchair most of the time and he walked some of the time and peacefully protested occasionally and eventually ended back up in the wheelchair mostly by his own choice.

When we were in the elephants' area, the whole family was looking at the elephants and the sleeping baby elephant.

Everyone except Michael, who liked to watch the ceiling fan instead. :)

Having a kid whose brain works differently can sometimes be humorous, can sometimes be frustrating, but is always enlightening. Michael has brought me to the point where I truly believe that we all think differently. Most of the time we all come to the same conclusion, but the way that we get there might surprise the next guy. :)

Wishing you a wonderful day, full of all of the goodness it can hold!

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