Friday, November 23, 2012

Gratitude::Days 15-23

(From newest to oldest)

Day 23::I'm thankful that I got to go to bed early instead of going shopping. :)
Steve, Michael, Aiden, and I stayed home while everyone else went to the Black Friday sales. Emily and Matt went to assist Amber, Karen, and Josh. They got everything they were after and some stuff that they weren't. :) Then, they came and picked up Aiden and went home.

Day 22::17 years ago today, Steve & I were married. He married me even though my 4 year old was a wild child, my 3 year old bit him, and my 2 year old peed on his expensive stereo speakers. He was a catch back then and has gotten better with age. Love you Steve! ♥

Day 21::12 years ago today, Steve & I were sealed in the Temple. Happy to be his through eternity.

Day 20::I'm very thankful for Steve's job. He enjoys working at Heritage Makers and they are very good to us.

Day 19::I'm thankful for people who help me raise my children. From doctors & nurses, teachers in school, church, and extra-curricular "stuff", and especially friends and family members who show love, interest, and concern for them. I couldn't do it without you ♥
(Missing my mom a lot with this post. She was so involved with my kids' lives & showed such love and support.)

Day 18::I am thankful that most of my children don't have allergies to medicine/immunizations. Most of the time, modern medicine is wonderful. (I'm going for glass half full here; hope I managed. ;) )
Michael had a reaction to the albuterol the doctor gave him today. His chest went red like a sunburn and his cough got worse. After talking to the doc, the nurse said to take him off of it. I'm not sure if he's allergic or not, as both of those reactions are seen as common. So far he hasn't seemed to need it, though, so that's good. He was diagnosed with bronchitis today, after being sick for a week.

Day 17::Tonight I am very glad that my kids watch out for each other so well.♥
Today, as Emily was getting ready for her first date, her date (Jairus) told her that the group they were going with bailed. I have insisted that my kids go on double dates, so what was she to do?!

After asking her about her friends at ALA and insisting that at least one of the girls she's friends with must be sixteen (that is the dating age for most of her friends) and could get a date, and her insisting that none are... my mind turned to her older siblings.

My first thought was to have Jared and Amber go together as a "couple" and drive Emily and her date.... but Tino was off work and Tino and Amber were busy. So then I had Jared call all of the girls that he is friends with and ask them out. He did... none were. So, Jared went alone. Jairus and Jared know each other from school, both of them were fine with the idea and had a great time catching up (they haven't seen each other for a year) and Emily was great with it... now she could go to the dance and have it not be an awkward single date. All's well that ends well. :)

Day 16::I'm thankful for my "family". Blood or not, there are many people who have come into my life (and my heart) and stayed, and for them I am truly thankful.

Day 15:: I am so thankful for my children - the ones I birthed and the ones that my children chose. I am thankful for the love that they show and support that they give to our family. They are amazing!

Day 14::Today is Bill's 56th Birthday. He has worked hard for this one! Happy Birthday, Bill!

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