Thursday, August 9, 2012

Coconut Oil Deodorant link::August 9

beauty that moves has a coconut deodorant recipe on the blog today. I was thinking of this very thing this morning! I don't like antiperspirants much (maybe I'm weird, but I take the studies linking aluminum to alzheimers seriously), but I've never found a plain old deodorant for woman at the grocery store. Mennen makes several for men, but not for women. Go figure! And the ones I've tried at the health food store give me a rash.

I love the beauty that moves blog. It is all about natural wholesomeness.

Now I need to buy arrowroot powder.


  1. I found an Arm&Hammer deodorant that is aluminum free and smells like nice soap instead of cheap perfum or man smell. I am really liking it. Finally! aluminum free and it actually works. plus I'm tired of my white shirts turning yellow in the arm pits. so I'm really happy.

  2. NICE!! I'm going to take a look! Thanks! :)