Wednesday, February 2, 2011

emerging from my shell

Just checking in to let you know that I'm still alive. :)

I took Michael to the children's hospital yesterday. He had a ct scan to check and make sure his shunt for hydrocephalus is still working well. It is. Which is WONDERFUL! But doesn't explain why his seizures have changed and happen several times a day.

He also visited with a spasticity team to determine what needs to be done with his right foot/leg since he tippy toe walks with it. Surgery. The orthopedic surgeon will lengthen his heel cord so that he can walk flat. It is to be done within 3 months. Oy.

Other than that: my birthday came and went. Though I don't know if it counted. My dining room clock's hands stopped turning 2 minutes before my birth time. Seriously. Kinda creepy. BUT, I'm wondering if the universe's birthday gift to me was to stay 40 for another year. What do you think? ;)

I have wanted to come back and write a post for a while, and I have a couple incomplete posts, but I haven't been very verbose. Truth be told, going to the physiatrist makes my anxiety go off the charts. I'm not sure why it bothers me so much, I mean, I can take other doctor's visits, why not that one?! But it does. And I pull my head into my shell and want to be left alone. In fact, any talk of Michael's CP makes me want to cry. I am a pretty strong lady... until I think of Michael's problems. Then I turn into jell-o.

I hope that all is going well with all of you. I haven't come by visiting lately. Sorry about that. I'll be better. Until we get closer to surgery, then I'll probably pull into my shell again. I hope you understand and forgive me.


  1. On Melody. I'm so sorry. My daughter has been a tippy toe walker since she started walking and even at 15 she still does. She has no flexibility in her foot. Its not so bad she has to have surgery. A friend of mine purchased one of those lasers and she was telling me how much success they have with CP patients with them. There is also a protocol for tip toers. I used it on Paige and I haven't noticed it as much right now. But maybe I'm just overlooking it because she always has done it. I can get the link to that laser website if you want it.
    I just prayed for you Melody.
    ♥ Joy
    P.S. Just stay any age you want.
    and Happy Birthday

  2. No worries.... please take extra good care of yourself, Melody! xxoo

  3. I'm the same way with Tim, strong and then not so much...everytime we take a deep breath, it makes us stronger for the next time. Someday, we'll be tough:)

  4. Stay strong, Melody! I'll pray for Michael. I know it can be tough on a mom...I watch the parents of my student, and listen to their stories, and it breaks my heart.

    The clock stopping is kinda creepy. Happy Birthday!

  5. Thanks for the prayer and the birthday wishes Joy :) I'll have to look into the laser and see if it is an option for CP; could you just leave me a message or send an email with the website info? TIA :)

    Thanks Stephanie :)

    Maren, I sure hope so.

    Betty: Thanks! :) and yeah, it was kinda creepy for sure! And thanks for the prayers.