Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cookies and Milk

For Valentine's Day, Steve brought home a treat for all of us: Chips Ahoy cookies along with a gallon of milk and two Symphony bars (one with almonds and toffee and one plain). Since I have to quit eating at 6 o'clock, I chose to eat my cookies this morning for breakfast instead.

Mmmmmm. Nothing says "love" quite like chocolate, cookies, and milk.

Then, since I was already cropping and sizing this pic, I decided to play with it by adding "oil paint" to it:

Kind of cute, I think.

Tonight we are all waiting for our goats, Nina and Ellie, to be returned to us. They both should be "with child" and should be having their babies sometimes between mid-March and mid-July. I'll let you know how that goes. :)


  1. Sounds like the perfect breakfast to me!:)

  2. Oh Yummy! Congratulations on the new babies. Nina and Ellie - love those names.
    ♥ Joy