Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Week 1

I'm thankful that:

~ Christmas went so well and was such a great day!

~ we have such thoughtful family and friends.

~ my mom's ER visit was for something as benign as enormous gas instead of the suspected blocked bowel. (sorry, not a very pretty image :/ )

~ Steve & I could continue our tradition of going out to lunch together to think over the new year.

~ we've had some extra sunshine throughout the week.

~ Steve took the kids (especially Michael) to church so that I could stay home and recuperate.

~ my family could spend some fun family time watching a video and playing a game on Monday evening.

~ we are getting back into our routine for the school week.

~ Aiden was able to go to the doctor and get an antibiotic for his ear infection.

~ sometimes flu bugs only last a few hours.

~ I don't always have to get up several times during the night.

~ Michael's seizures have subsided a bit.

~ a conversation between Steve & I that could have gone very badly and been a huge stumbling block seems to be instead a stepping stone in our relationship. (it is his fault for being patient during that conversation)

~ my mechanic hurried and did a safety inspection for my car before the windshield cracked more. :/ and that the windshield repair kit seems to have made that crack more secure so it won't keep cracking. (here's hoping!!)

~ Emily's drama teacher is a family friend and took Emily back to her house after practice last night so that Steve & I could finish with the windshield, take my brother his other set of keys, and hurry and pick up some supper on the way.

~ the lady at the storage unit accepted my check last night after hours and didn't charge a late payment fee.

~ Amber calls me regularly just to talk. <3

~ I didn't gain weight over the holidays like I feared I would.

~ I got to go to Aiden's first birthday party on Friday. I was worried with the weather that I wouldn't be able to.

~ Grey's Anatomy is on tonight!! :)

~ my family has been able to spend so much quality time together during the holidays.

~ I have great friends & family to visit with on the phone, facebook, blogs, IM, email, and face to face. :)

~ I get to use this year to become more deeply grateful for things. :)

What are you grateful for today?


  1. WOnderful thankful list. I'll keep Michael in my prayers.

  2. Thanks Betty, I appreciate that :)