Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Reflections - Week 1

On Saturday, the sun was shining after a week of pure gray. Even though it was freezing cold, I decided to go out and takes some pics of the sunshine.

When I looked at the house, this is what I saw:

Michael has this spot dedicated as his "watching spot". If he hears a car pull up, or when Steve & I leave, Michael goes to the blinds, pulls them back, and watches everything... with his nose to the glass. :) His watching spot has bazillions of little fingerprints all over the glass, as you can see by the pic. Gosh I love that kid!

When I got outside to shoot "sunshine" I was stumped on how to do it. You can't take a direct picture of sunshine or it over exposes. If you shoot toward the sun, even in a shaded area, it will get little sunbeam lines in the pic. So how to capture "sunshine"?

As I thought and thought, over walked the cat. He was looking for attention, love, and cat food of course. :) Then he walked away and sat down in the snow. It was then that I realized that the stark contrast of the light from the sunlight side by side a dark shadow shows the sunshine better than anything else I'd come up with so far. So I took the shot:

It made me ponder different aspects of life. Contrast shows things best. Happiness/sadness. Prosperity/poverty. Is that why God allows us to be burdened down with grief? So that when we finally have the joyous moments we can truly be grateful for them? And my ponderings went on and on. It is interesting how such a simple moment can be a springboard for those deep, unanswerable questions.

A friend showed me a photography blog that dedicated one post just to contrasts. This is the blog,Steve McCurry's Blog. The pics are very emotional because of those stark contrasts.

But back to the picture...

I love how the picture shows the cat's profile, yet his shadow shows both ears perfectly. Love, love, love it!

I have saved one other pic for Sunday. On a couple of the blogs I read, Sunday is a day to post one pic that sums up what is happening in your neighborhood. I'll add that one then. Until then, have a great weekend! :)


  1. Michael's watching spot...I love it! Love the picture too. :)

  2. Thanks :) I love catching him watching me when I'm outside. :)

  3. Great cat ears in the shadow.
    So sweet seeing Michaels sweet face thru the window.
    ♥ Joy

  4. Thanks, I thought so too! :) I wasn't even trying to get the cat's shadow like that, but it turned out so perfect entirely by accident!

    I love seeing him too :) That pic made my week.