Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Intent of the Gardener"

GGW's Photo Contest's theme this month is "Intent of the Gardener". First I racked my brain to think of what my motivation and intent of gardening was. I don't think I've ever questioned why I garden like I do before. It has just "become". What I discovered was that the intent of my garden is Beauty with Purpose. But how was I going to show those "why's" and "what's" behind my garden?

I went over my garden in my mind piece by piece, seeing it through my minds eye: In my garden, I have one section that is dedicated to the herbs. One small section is dedicated to my Irises and Roses. The largest section of my garden is dedicated to the vegetables. How was I going to capture all of my desires and longings and intentions of gardening into one frame? Then I remembered the picture I entered last month, and it seemed just perfect!

(click here for an enlarged version of this pic)

My herbs are the epitome of beauty with purpose! I like the swirls in the lavender, the blooms on it and on the sage, as well as the vibrant greens in the sage, lavender, and oregano; I love that it is beautiful and yet so purposeful. The oregano leaves tasted delicious in my spaghetti last night, and it has been a feast for my eyes as well.

Thanks GGW, and especially Judge Rich for helping me to stretch more than I would on my own. :)


  1. what a lovely spot! I particularly like the plant tag in the background, hinting at "the rest of the story". This does make me want to go and see the rest of your garden.

  2. I bet the oregano was just delish in the sauce. Yum