Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Have you watched LOST? *spoilers*

I watched LOST, all 6 Seasons, in the space of 2 or 3 months. lol! A crash course, I suppose, but it was amazing to see the series grow and morph into something so epic. Because I viewed it so intensely, there weren’t any gaps in the storyline. It was much more intense, more like reading a book than watching a weekly tv show.

And I loved it. Season 4 gave me nightmares ... lol... so I didn't love that season so much. I think my favorite seasons were 5 & 6.

I love the depth of the characters: the back stories, flash forward stories, and side stories. It really made me empathize and value all of the characters... even Ben Linus. lol

All of the plots of the different episodes were entertaining and helped give depth to the show.

I loved the diversity of the characters. Each was so different from the others, but each was a favorite. If I had to pick ultimate favorites though, I'd have to say that:

I loved Sawyer. I loved his references to books, movies and tv shows. I love how I hated him at first and fell in love with him somewhere along the way. I think the actor was perfect for the character. I loved how this redneck hick was such a reader and thinker; I loved his glasses from the first and second seasons! lol! I loved how he loved Juliet so deeply after seeming to be such a shallow womanizer.

I ♥ Hurley (loved, loved Hurley, dude)! Hurley was great from the start and just kept getting better. I loved that he found Libby. The ending was just so perfect so Hurley.

I really liked Miles and Sawyer being a team. Absolute perfection there.

I started off really admiring Kate, but waxed and waned in my love for her character during the different seasons. Same for Sun.

Jin was an interesting character. I really like who he ended up being (such a loyal friend and husband). I didn't really like his abrasiveness in the beginning.

Sayid was awesome before the darkness got into his heart. I was glad that he redeemed himself by sacrificing himself for the others in the end.

Ana Lucia was so kick-butt that I loved her...even if she was a little crazy. :D

Locke was very interesting. I think his character made me think more than anyone else’s, especially about faith. He was a fascinating character. He had a tough life. The island was really his savior.

I really loved Echo. He was so strong and brutal, yet so gentle and loving. He did what he had to do. His character was full of contradictions, and I think that is what made him so fascinating. He was one of my very favorites; I was sad to see him die.

Ahhh Jack. He is me. I haven’t ever really related so well to a character in my life. He is driven by duty. He has a hard time sitting back and just “being” and letting things just happen. He is a fixer and a do-er. He likes fun, but doesn’t really seek it out. It was interesting that he said he’d be a terrible father, but in Season 6 we got to see him being a darn good one to his own son (How come he didn’t have a son in any other life? That made me so confused!) and to Claire & Kate’s son Aaron.

Ben Linus was someone I enjoyed hating, until I got to see his flash-sideways and got to know him as a high school history teacher. Season 6 really fleshed out his character to help me see that deep down he was a good guy but had been trying to serve the island so much that he had lost himself somewhere along the way. The part that I loved most was when he thought he had to go to the smoke monster because he had been “found out” by Ilana, taken out to be shot, and then let go; when she asked where he would go, he told he that he would go to the smoke monster “because he is the only one who will have me,” he said with a choke in his voice. It really made me sympathize with the misfit that he had become. I’m glad that he turned good in the end.

The pilot of the second plane crash was a great addition, even if it was just for a few scenes. I loved Sawyer’s references to him first looking like Kenny Rogers and then like something out of a Burt Reynolds’s movie. LOL! He did!

“Dharmaville” was pretty cool. So hippy-commune and simply perfect for the island in 1977.

Daniel and Eloise Faraday were simply perfect. Loved both of them for entirely different reasons. Daniel was so brilliant that he spoke above everyone’s head and was such a prodigy in both music and physics. I can’t really touch on why he was a favorite, but he really was. Eloise was simply creepy, wasn’t she? The character and the actress really pulled off this eccentric clairvoyant beautifully; the character was perfectly believable, and the actress played the part exceptionally.

Desmond became such a favorite to me. His determination to do what was right, even when it was hard, was amazing: trying to save Charlie even when it was against Desmond’s best interest, trying to get everyone to remember who they themselves really were and reconnect with each other in the final season, pushing the button for 3 years and then pushing the button a final time without regard to his own well being. Desmond was wonderful.

I didn’t relate well to Charlie or Claire, but their characters added spice to the series.

Jacob and the smoke monster: (Why didn’t the smoke monster brother have a name too??) I was really hoping to like Jacob, but he just seemed screwed up by his adopted mom, didn’t he? I think I had more sympathy for his brother the smoke monster than Jacob. I thought it was going to be easy to know who to like: Jacob=Jesus, Smoke-monster-brother=Satan, but it wasn’t. Jacob was just as screwed up as his brother! And his brother was just a guy wanting to leave the island. After seeing the back story, the adoptive mother (who stabbed the real mother to death!) was the real villain!

I was left with many questions. There were things that I just didn’t “get”, like the thing with Jack’s son in the flash sideways – why did he only exist in Season 6? Did Jack not have children because if he then he couldn’t have been a “candidate”? Was everything really about what the island? Or was it really just what Jacob wanted? If everyone was dead, then what was up with seeing each of the characters doing normal everyday things until they realized they were dead? I’m sure I have more questions, but those were the ones off the top of my head.

I truly get attached to characters as though they are real people, so I am going to miss “hanging out” with those characters an hour or two every evening. What a fun series it was!


  1. HUH. Maybe I should watch this sounds interesting. Can you believe I've never even seen ONE episode???