Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playing w/ Portraits

Today I got out my tripod to try some portraits.

The last time we used the tripod was for a big family pic at my sister's house.

It worked pretty well!

When I took Aiden's picture the other day, it made me want to learn to photograph better portraits. So I figured "practice makes perfect". Good think I have kids who love to pose for pics!

Emily wanted to pose with her kitty:

Matt tried to be very serious:

And Michael balanced a lion on his head:

I wanted to try using the tripod since I get a little shaky when trying to be too still. I expeced it to make me feel limited, though, since it was less mobile.

I was surprised to find that I loved using it!

The tripod made it so easy to take picture after picture without worrying about the pics being blurry because I didn't hold still enough or trying to make sure I was still focussed where I needed to be.

I just set the person where I wanted them (next to the window for natural lighting), focused in how I wanted it to be, then forgot about all of that and just watched for great moments to happen.

Very nice! I think my tripod might just become one of my best friends!

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  1. Great pictures! My sister had a lot of fun playing with her tripod and self portraits. She did a bunch of different props and costumes.