Monday, August 21, 2017

Bentley at the Wedding

This is my grandson, Ben. His mom got married on Saturday and he was VERY excited.

Just before this picture was taken, he was indignant. "My grandma said that she was going to throw me in the water. I have a wedding to go to!" (He meant his other grandma - I was taking pictures :) )

After the wedding, a little boy came running to his mom and told her that he had accidentally gotten Ben's clothes wet with his waterbottle (I think the word "accident" might have been used erroneously, but nonetheless...)
So the boy's mom saw Ben walking over and said, "Ben, did ____ get you wet?"

And then, after the wedding was over, the pictures were taken, and clothes were changed, I took Ben & Aiden to their dad's house. As we were leaving the park from the wedding, Ben called over his shoulder to his mom,
"I love you, Mom!"
"I love you too, Ben!"
"Mom, I love you with all my heart!"

He is a rascal. A pistol. And such a sweet little guy. ♥

♥ Melody

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