Sunday, June 26, 2016

Water Play::Sunday, June 26

Em, Matt, Michael & I went on an adventure this afternoon. We started by playing in the creek up Hobble Creek Canyon and ended by playing at Wayne Bartholomew Park. Steve joined us for a little while at Bartholomew Park; he wasn't feeling well today so he didn't stay long.

In the creek, I wanted a turn floating on the tube... until I flipped it over and got completely wet. Oh bother! LOL My hair, that I had worked hard on to make it look nice, was completely drenched. Emily went to "fluff it up a little" right afterward - I said, "Don't touch it! Maybe after it dries it will look like it did before." Her eyes got big and the look on her face was very serious as she shook her head vigorously. LOL She made me laugh! Her reaction alone may have made the situation worth it. :)

The kids all thought my faux pas was hilarious, and apparently I still scream like a little kid. Michael kept asking me all afternoon, "Mommy, did you fall?" and he'd laugh and laugh. Turkey!

Memories were made, and we had a great time with each other; that was exactly what I was trying for. (Although I had no intentions of making "Remember the time Mom flipped over on the tube?" memories. ;) )

♥ Melody

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