Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Birthday to Merrie Melody::8 years old!::December 17

Today is Merrie Melody blog's 8th birthday! Time sure flies when you're having fun.

Lots of things have happened in these past 8 years. Weddings. Divorces. Births. Funerals. Lots of birthdays, and firsts, and lasts and everything in between.

This was the very first post:

Remember the Merrie Melodies from Warner Bros? If not take a look here:

Somedays my life feels a bit cartoony; and sometimes I really am merry. So Merrie Melody fits!

Today I feel a lot like Tom on "Tom and Jerry". I just need the toothpicks to keep my eyes open!

Steve and I are in the middle of a mini-remodel in the bathroom, so guess what I am doing today? I'll maybe pick up some paint for the walls this afternoon, and later this evening finish caulking the new tub surround before Matt's birthday party.

I finished a Christmas collage for a friend's Christmas cards this morning. It turned out really cute.

Now the kids are all awake and it's time to start my day for real.

Have a good one!

By far, the most popular post has been my recipe for pot roast. I get at least a dozen views a day for that one post.

I originally started Merrie Melody to keep track of family "stuff" - kind of a journal. Steve printed out the first 18 months into a book form for us, but we've gotten behind a bit. ;) I'd like to have each year printed so that we can have the stories, the pictures, and the memories to be able to pick up and look at anytime we want.

Thank you for being a part of this blog. I hope that you have enjoyed the stories, pictures, and links as much as I have.

♥ Melody