Monday, August 10, 2015

At the Grotto::August 10

Late afternoon on Sunday, we loaded up the van and went to the Grotto - a trail that leads to a waterfall.

The crew

Steve helped Michael to navigate the trail ♥

Mercedes and Michael loved the water :) (and you can see the baby bump too! twins!! I can't believe it!)

I love how Matt has watched over Michael since they were both very little boys. ♥

Josh, Hayley, and Mercedes ♥

Steve doesn't like how he looks in this pic - he thinks he looks like a wild man... I think he only *sorta* looks like a wild man... but Michael looks so great in it! ;)

Michael played in the water and got his feet wet - it was bugging him so much that I tried to help him get dried off as well as possible. (next time I'll take a towel! ;))
♥ Melody


  1. I love them! I do not think Steve looks like a wild man in that picture. I thought he looked rather nice, and pleasant and happy.
    Very nice pics -- thanks for the link.

  2. These are great pictures! Family outings are the best.