Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Birthday to Emily and Hayley! :: October 3

On Sunday, we celebrated Hayley's 24th and Emily's 18th birthdays.

Bill came by for a few minutes, but he wasn't feeling well, so we sang Happy Birthday and had them blow out their candles before we ate dinner, then Bill went home. He is feeling better now though. Jared and Ruth came over and stayed and ate dinner, hung out, and had cake.

The beautiful birthday girls

Steve lighting the candles

I cheat - I had 1 candle in the ten's place and 8 candles in the one's place for Emily, and 2 candles in the ten's place and 4 candles in the one's place for Hayley

Make a wish!!

I love these girls! I teased them and said that they were twins. Just born a couple of days apart. And a few years apart. By different mothers. :) It is fun that their birthdays are only 3 days apart, though! (except that they might get sick of sharing a cake one of these years!)

Dear Emily,
Happy Birthday!! I can't believe that you are 18!! It was just yesterday that I remember you wearing your favorite yellow dress with your parasol and the puppies yanking on the back of it as you ran down the sidewalk. You were such an adorable little girl then, and you are a beautiful young woman now. I look forward to watching you grow just as much now as when you were little. I am excited to see where life takes you, and I hope that you have all the happiness in the world! I love you very much! <3 p="">

Dear Hayley,
You are so dear in our lives! You are so sweet and thoughtful You are such a good mommy to my grandbabies and such a good partner for Josh. Thank you for being you!! I hope that this year will bring you all of the joy and happiness that it can hold! I love you very much! <3 blockquote="">

Happy, Happy Birthday girls! Thanks for being such an important part of our family!

♥ Melody

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