Friday, August 22, 2014

End of Year Competition::3rd Place Altered Reality::August 22

So, last night was my photography club's end of year awards, which is awards for cumulative points earned through the 2013 - 2014 year.

At about 4:30, I told Mikey that we needed to give him a bath and get ready to go to the library (where the meeting was to be held). He loves to tease me, so he laughed and ran, full speed away from me...and into a table. He caught his foot on it and wouldn't even put much weight on it, so I took him to the doc and then to the hospital for xrays.

They said it wasn't broken, so we high tailed it to the meeting, me thinking that someone would be there 'til 9. At 8:30 we arrived and everyone was gone :( So I wrote a note to the club president, and he wrote me back this message:

"Good morning Melody,
Congratulations, you received 3rd Place (for the Intermediate Level) in Altered Reality. I will mail the award to you in a few days. ....
Have a great day and dust off some space for your award."

3rd Place! Not too shabby at all! :)

Here are the pictures that won throughout the year:

In the Altered Reality division:

Curiosity Killed the Cat-Faced Spider - 2nd Place

The Temple of Inversion - 3rd Place

Bzzzy Bee - 1st Place

Grandma's Little Angel - 3rd Place

In the Open/Authentic division:

Still Some Wishes Left - 1st Place

Peaceful Morning Moment

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