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Good-bye to Cristina::May 16

and my favorite article that I agree with 100%: (though there is a comment about Cristina owning her abortion and not feeling sorry for it - I believe that abortion is wrong. If you don't want the baby, give it up for adoption. However, I admire that Cristina owns her choices and doesn't back down and doesn't apologize for them. She is a very strong person, and I admire that immensely)

I'm sad to see Cristina go. I know, I know she's fictional, but in a way, that makes her even more impressive!

Shondra Rimes thought of a scenerio: surgeons and nurses working at Seattle Grace Hospital (later to be known as Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital); as she wrote about the characters who worked there, she breathed the breath of life into them, and they were born. Now, a decade later my heart is broken as I watch one of my favorite characters walk out of the story.

It is inspirational to me that a thought became real enough that people needed to grab a box of tissues before watching Cristina leave. It makes me wonder if there is a Cristina in my imagination. I love writing, though I don't get to do it much right now. I have many stories in progress and have completed the rough draft for one short story, but after my daughter Amber told me she hates it, I have put it aside. Now, to be fair, there is a rape scene in it which was critical to the story not just in there for shock value, but still.... she hated my baby. Others have loved it, though, so I think I just need to thicken my skin and polish up the story. Thick skin for a creator is a topic for another day though.

Anyway, good-bye Cristina! What an awesome job you do with your creations, Shonda! And the springboard effect is that it makes me think on the Cristinas in my imagination that have not yet been born - very important thoughts.
P.S. After reading many articles about Sandra Oh's leaving and taking Cristina with her, these paragraphs totally resonated with me:
"Audiences typically like their television heroines optimistic, kind, put-together, and maybe a little spunky. There’s a reason why supportive moms like Tami Taylor, compassionate office mates like Pam Halpert, and twee romantics like Jess Day are so beloved. Bright, shiny characters are never in short supply; Grey’s itself has had plenty over the years, from Izzie Stevens (smiler, baker, and marrier of dead men) to Arizona Robbins (healer of tiny humans and wearer of roller skate sneakers).

Compared to them — compared to anyone — Cristina is undeniably dark and twisty. But what’s progressive about the way the show has framed her character is that being undeniably dark and twisty doesn’t make her an anti-hero. In a world where women are often encouraged to smile, be nice, and keep their feelings to themselves, Cristina does, feels, and says what she wants — and she's not painted as a bad person, or even an unhappy one, for it. That makes her a downright revolutionary character.

And then there's the Cristina/Meredith of it all. True friendship, rooted in something other than cattiness, superficiality, or talking about guys, is a rarity on television — if only because spotting two strong, fleshed-out female characters on a single television show in the first place is still pretty close to spotting a unicorn. (Parks and Rec’s Leslie and Ann were a notable exception, until Rashida Jones left the show earlier this year.) And so while Meredith and McDreamy might be Grey’s power couple, Meredith and Cristina are the series’ most compelling love story."

I love her character, and I hope (and I think I do!) that I have some Cristina in me.

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