Sunday, April 27, 2014

the pictures that got away::April 27

We just got back from a drive to find the eagle we photographed last year. I wanted to try it again with my telephoto lens. Matt and I walked out into a field, found that the bird in question was a hawk, not an eagle, but the wind came up and the hawk swooped down, flew back up, and hovered for a minute as it tried to fly against the wind. I got amazing pictures as it held still for me with its wings outstretched in mid flight.

I took pictures of an ugly bird with an ugly nest with long pieces of grass woven through the nest that streamed out in the breeze.

I took pictures of the train that blocked our road for about 5 minutes, timing the shots just right.

Then I looked at the back of the camera and for the first time since I'd been shooting for about an hour paid attention to the message that came up after each shot that I hadn't seen earlier: "NO CF CARD".

And this is my equivalent of the big fish that got away story. So sad!! (and very real & not made up.)