Monday, May 27, 2013

Josh, Hayley, and Kids::The Photoshoot::May 27

Josh has a girlfriend. Her name is Hayley. She is very sweet, thoughtful, and nice (and she is sooooo good with Aiden and Bentley, which is a huge bonus in my book!). She has two adorable kids named Miah (4) and Teryn (2).

Now that the formal introductions have been made, I'm sure you'll be seeing these three people around my blog fairly often. :)

Hayley asked me to do a photoshoot for all of the kids for Mother's Day, and I happily agreed. Who wouldn't want to spend some time with these little cuties?


Aiden: (he is getting so big, isn't he?!)



The group picture of all 4 kids together went badly, so we'll skip those and retake them later.

Then I took group pics of the two sibs together:

Aiden was sweet with Bentley:

Miah and Teryn had had it, poor things. Miah tried to give it her best shot, but her face says it all:

Hayley and Josh decided to get a group shot of all of them together (we did these first - everyone is fresh and new in these pics)

It was an eventful day, and before I took pics of Josh and Hayley alone, I sent Amber to get ice cream cones with the van full of children. It was amazing how much quieter it got after that ;)

May they have many happy years together :)

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