Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Birthday dear: Jared Steve & Matthew! Happy Birthday to you!::April 2

I've fallen behind in birthday celebrations, so we celebrated all of the neglected last night after our family Easter dinner.

Matt's birthday was back in December, and though we celebrated by giving him gifts and taking him out to lunch, we hadn't had all of the family over to celebrate with cake. I'm glad that we remedied that!

Happy 13th Birthday Matt! You are awesome!

I still don't feel like I've done justice to Steve's birthday though. He was a great sport and let us sing to him and light some candles for him, but he couldn't eat the cake. He discovered many months ago that gluten was causing his migraines and cluster headaches. Since then, he has avoided gluten, and he gets migraines very infrequently now. So, I still owe him brownies, cake, or cookies, whichever he prefers. He celebrated with Easter candy last night.

Happy Birthday Steve! I sure love you and appreciate you for all you do and are!

And Jared. He has had to wait the least amount of time for his birthday. This handsome guy turned 19 on Saturday.

To celebrate, he went to the Color Festival at the Krishna Temple with Emily and Karen. They all had a GREAT time!

Happy Birthday, Jared! I hope that this year brings you a lot of joy and lasting happiness!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. What wonderful pictures! What a great bunch of guys--what a nice party you must have had. Very sorry I missed it. I'm so glad you post pictures.
    Love from your devoted fan.