Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pics of Spring

Josh & Karen gave me flowers for Mother's Day. Their homemade-with-love card was my favorite present they gave me, but the flowers were beautiful and make me smile whenever I see them.

Amber always makes me feel loved with her homemade banners.

Emily gave me chocolate! How did she know? ;-) And Matt gave me a pretty little potted plant and a model wheelbarrow to decorate however I choose.

Mother's Day, with all of the love children exude, has got to be the best holiday, doesn't it?

My lilac bush is full of sweet smelling blossoms.

And my bleeding heart plant is displaying its vibrant, delicate flowers.

Don't you just love Spring?!


  1. Spring time and Mother's Day what a lovely combination.


  2. The picture of the lilacs is lovely!
    I love it with the fence.

  3. I love lilacs and bleeding hearts. They are 2 of my fave flowers. I'm just loving spring this year! :)

  4. oh, I just love lilacs. They make me miss Washington and my mother-in-law's house because it is covered in lilacs and bleeding hearts. I wish I could plant some flowers here!!!! dang apartments.

  5. I do love Spring and I love homemade gifts like that the most!!!!

  6. Bleeding hearts are the coolest flowers. So unusual and pretty!