Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Bunnies Born

The bunnies were actually born last week, but I was too busy taking care of things to tell about them.

My New Zealand and Mini Lop are great mommies; they have had several successful litters before. Both had a couple of babies die, but most lived and are roly poly little bundles right now. They're eyes are still closed, but their fur is coming in nicely. Most of the Mini Lop's babies are solid black, which won't sell as well as the one and only baby who is white with black spots. The New Zealand was bred with a Dutch buck, and two of the three of the bunnies have the Dutch markings; the other bunny is white with black spots.


The other two female rabbits didn't do so well with their babies, but being first time mommies it's understandable. They'll do better next time.

I brought all the mommies and babies into the basement, where the climate is moderately cool. The rabbits and bunnies will all do well there, and the mom's will have better luck keeping their babies alive than they would in the extreme cold of the winter and heat of the summer. It's nice having babies in the house again!

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