Saturday, January 19, 2008

Haircutting Thursday

On Thursday it was time again to cut my family's hair. I had given haircuts in November right before Thanksgiving and then put away the clippers and scissors until after the holidays. On Thursday all the men and boys in my family were looking overgrown. I cut 3 heads of hair, leaving at least 2 more heads to go. It takes me about 30 minutes a haircut. Maybe next time I'll offer before and after images, but I didn't even think to take any on Thursday.

I cut Jared's (my middle son) hair first, then my brother's, and ended with Matt (my almost youngest son). I gave Jared and Matt standard haircuts with scissors and Bill a "buzz" with clippers.

Cutting a boy or man's hair is pretty easy. I started by cutting my oldest son's hair when he was about 18 month's old. He was great to learn on because he didn't mind getting a bad hair cut while I was learning and people were forgiving because kids are so wiggly. Since he was so little I realized that he was not going to hold still for long, so I gave him a sucker to lick while I cut his hair. I did have to rinse the sucker pretty often since hair would get on it, but it served its purpose well.

I'll try to post a "how-to" for cutting boys' & men’s hair later, including a diagram to show what I'm trying to tell.

By cutting my family's hair we save at least $60 a month!

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